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Bill developed a deep passion for music from a tender age, with his first exposure to Elvis Presley at the age of three in 1977. This attraction to music, especially that of Elvis, only grew stronger, and he nurtured a desire to work in the entertainment industry.
After graduating from school in 1991, Bill leveraged his network and secured a position at Belfast's Civic Arts Theatre on Botanic Avenue, where he initially worked in general maintenance. He quickly graduated to serving as a backstage technician, handling lighting and sound during evening performances.

Bill's interest in music led him to collaborate with bands, where he progressively honed his singing skills during the 90s. It was a fortuitous event in the mid-90s when Bill’s fortunes changed. An industry colleague informed him of a potential job as a musician in search of a singer, and Bill immediately grasped the opportunity.
In 2001, Bill founded his band known as "Breakthru" - a 3-4 piece ensemble that performed across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and occasional gigs in England and Scotland. He relished his tribute acts to Elvis, which earned him a significant following of enthusiasts.

Bill remains highly active on the local entertainment scene, either as a solo artist or in the live duo "Cutting Edge." He has collaborated with renowned names, including Joe Longthorne, Cannon and Ball, Les Dennis, Bernard Manning, Lily Savage, Keith Harris (and Orville) and others, in the course of his illustrious career.

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