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Colin's journey in the music world began at the age of 18, after taking piano lessons.

He joined a live band as a keyboardist, which had previously won a TV talent show called Opportunity Knocks.

Over the years, he formed a new band with new members and had the opportunity to support and work alongside popular showbands like Clubsound, The Indians, Susan Mccann, May McFettridge, James McPeake, and others.

As Colin moved forward, he performed with upcoming student bands and talented musicians, including members from Ghost of the American airman and Paris. With 40 years of experience in the music circuit, including showcases featured in global music magazines, Colin also pursued a career as an Aircraft Engineer, working on production and maintenance of aircrafts globally, including private jets. He has lent his expertise to help world-class organizations overcome challenging issues with the most advanced jet airliners and has even trained commanders of several air forces on the latest advanced turbo prop aircraft engines.

Despite facing terminal cancer five years ago, Colin's unwavering spirit has resulted in remarkable remission, though he remains cautiously optimistic.   His story is a testament to his resilience and underscores the importance of mental health awareness in navigating personal challenges while pursuing his passions in music


Colin oversees and performs in the semi colon show alongside his partner Cherese.

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