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Phil Croker, the esteemed musician and vocalist of This Way Up, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the band's dynamic performances. Having been a dedicated member of the band for many years, Phil's talent and expertise shine through in every note he plays on his guitar and every lyric he sings.

Music is in Phil's DNA, as he hails from a family of musicians, including his uncle Brian Croker, a founding member of the renowned band American Express. Inspired by his uncle's legacy, Phil has developed his own unique style, drawing on his rich musical upbringing in Australia before returning to his roots in Northern Ireland.

With a deep knowledge and appreciation for all things music, Phil serves as the band's musical director, guiding them with his keen ear and artistic vision. He is a consummate professional, whose humble confidence and unwavering dedication to his craft are evident in every performance. Phil's stage presence is infectious, exuding a genuine love for music that captivates audiences and leaves them wanting more.

Phil's journey as a musician is a testament to his unwavering passion and unwavering commitment to his art. His contributions to This Way Up are invaluable, and his musical prowess continues to inspire and captivate audiences with each and every performance.

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