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#Sem;colon is an audio / visual show designed to raise awareness of mental health and the stigma that has become attached to topic of mental health. 

The songs performed in the show are all by artists who have suffered their own struggle with mental health.

Music and lyricism is the perfect tool for communicating the suffering and the journey that they have went through. 

As a show Sem;colon aims to highlight what mental health truly means through the power of song to our audiences, addressing the struggles that can face people; every second of every minute, of every hour of every day.


To some people that struggle is very real….. 

The show will also showcase that there are different forms of mental health issues that can affect not only an individual but also those who are caring for someone struggling with their mental health, such as; depression and anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, domestic abuse, social media (social pressure), menopause, men's mental health, bullying and many more.


The show gives a pause to reflect back on many stars that struggled with their mental health, showing that mental health issues do not discriminate and we can all be affected.  We as a platform are being a voice to reach out to that someone. “Its ok to talk”.


The performers in the show are all local artists, coming together to sing and share how amazing music is for the body, mind and soul. There will also be personal stories from cast members that have suffered with their mental health.

Point of contacts are made available on the night in partnership with local and global charities, if you need to talk to someone or support. On each night there will be different charities that the audience get to chose from as to where their donations go to on the night. 


Sem;colon is a centralised hub signposting you to access and support charities that offer hands on solutions to dealing with the everyday struggle of mental health.  You can access more information on these charities on the resources section of our website.  


The cast of Sem;colon:

David Branagh Curry

Lisa Herbison

Colin Beckinsale

Amber Beckinsale

Crystal Ashworth

Tony Hughes

Bill McIntyre

Phillip Crocker

Cherese Bates

Colin Patterson 

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